Facebook is creepy but…

by Dave Gooden on 5/05/2014

Just a quick thought that popped into my head yesterday.

I kind of hate facebook. Their data collection is beyond creepy – I personally believe it should be illegal. That being said, even though I almost never post anything to facebook (once a year I say “thank you for the birthday wishes”), I still log on from time to time to see what’s going on with some old friends and catch a glimpse of the occasional train wreck that some people can’t stop themselves from posting.

The one really cool thing about facebook is that I am “friends” with many of my wife’s relatives who still live in the Philippines. I get to see what their lives are like and get to know them a little bit without ever meeting them. This made me think: What if my great grandma Plesha, who took a boat over from Croatia in the early 1900’s, had facebook when she arrived? I would most likely still have a connection with many of my relatives in Croatia…and that would be a super, super cool thing. As of today, I have never seen, spoken to or heard from any of my Croatian relatives. If I wanted to find them or visit them, I wouldn’t even know where to start. Going forward, that problem has been solved…and that’s pretty awesome.


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