10 Years In

by Dave Gooden on 31/07/2012

My business partner and I have been running LakePlace.com for almost 10 years now. Over the years we have “pivoted” our business model 3 times before we finally settled in. Our original goal was to build out an easily scalable business that we could prove on a regional level…before reaching for greater heights. It took us about 8 years to realize that ALL businesses scale (look at Walmart & Home Depot) if they are profitable. Anyway, the reason for this little post is to mark a somewhat historic achievement for our little website. After almost 10 years in, we have finally hit 4 million + page views in a 30 day period. For the heavy hitters in the valley, these numbers are nothing to write home about…but for a little regional website that 2 guys have been hacking away on for 10 years, it’s pretty exciting.

I plan on writing an indepth post about our business (the ups and downs) on the 10 year anniversary…it’s been a crazy ride…and it is just getting started.

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