Competition in Wisconsin

by Dave Gooden on 2/01/2012

This is one of those neo-technical, non-interesting posts that is being used purely to advance our positions vs. some very large, well funded competitors. We recently sank to #2 for Wisconsin cabin rentals and it is a thorn in my side. The company with the top position has raised more than $600 million dollars (seriously), but they will not win this battle.

On another note, our other site,, is #2 for Wisconsin land for sale. For that phrase, we compete with a company that has raised $16 million.

We do not have $16,000,000 or $600,000,000 but I do have some tools available to me. This blog just happens to be one of them. If you don’t use the tools you have available to you to help your business thrive, and in my case – dominate Wisconsin – you should find another line of work. You must use every arrow in your quiver.

If you want to do me a huge, huge favor – link to this Wisconsin post. Better yet, link directly to the Wisconsin pages referenced above. I will return the favor if you ask.

See you at the top!

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