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by Dave Gooden on 10/11/2011

Some guys like to tinker with cars and motorcycles. I like to tinker with websites. In 2009 I created a real estate review website covering Beverly Hills real estate over a weekend. Technology wise, it’s just a w3c compliant homepage with a wordpress blog attached to it…but I am pretty happy with the design. To me, it looks and feels like Beverly Hills. Every now and then I will play with some SEO ideas on this site to see if my inclinations are correct – if it works great, if it fails – no big deal. This site goes after some highly competitive keywords (any real estate related keywords are highly competitive) and I am excited to see it doing pretty well in the SERPS.

Longevity is one of the most important factors in high rankings. Updates also play a big part, but constant updates are not necessary. I found that if this site starts slipping, I simply have to post another review to pull it back up.

Anyway, this post is just a quick rant and another example of me playing with some SEO ideas (notice the anchor text above). Who knows, once I complete my mission to make my current company (at least) 500 people strong, I may just have to move out to Beverly Hills and sell some real estate. If things progress like I think they will, I should be in a pretty good position to do so.

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