What a Bootstrapper’s Pre-Launch Homepage Should Look Like

by Dave Gooden on 2/10/2011

You have very little money. check.
You have very few (if any) connections. check.
You have no publicized exits. check.
No one (that matters) knows who you are. check.

If you agree with 2 or more points above, your pre-launch homepage should look like this: http://commercialzip.com/

Clean HTML and fast loading.
W3C compliant.
800-1,600 (on subject) words.
On-page SEO (page title, meta description, meta keywords, h1).
*Add additional content as time permits.

Some notes:
SEO is our most powerful tool. Learn it.
We should launch this page the day we decide to go “all-in” on our idea…before we start building our app.
Email sign up pages don’t help us, they are for those with no check marks.
Build this page for all of your ideas, and it will be waiting (and working) for you until you are ready.

This is the first of a series of short posts I am going to write about launching a bootstrapped startup. I plan on discussing everything from simple SEO, to launch, to hiring and firing, to mergers and acquisitions.

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